It is( Helen's computer game ) 对括号里的提问

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It is( Helen's computer game ) 对括号里的提问

What is it?

What is it? 后面括号里的是物,对物提问用what~

Is it Helen's computer game?

What is it ?

It is Helen's computer game(Helen's computer game划线)对划线部分提问 jacket is it Helen’s(连词成句) is this your bicycle,david?no,it's not's helen's. This is Helen's present划线提问 Helen's 划线 That is Helen ’s green blouse对Helen’s提问 Whose jacket is this?It is Helen's哪儿有错 很需要 变复数 That isn't a jacket下面句子如何变复数请帮忙This is an eraserIs it a yellow ruler Yes,it isWhat's this in English?It's am orangeWhat's color is the quilt?It's whiteIt's my blue ballIs this his computer?no it isn't,It's your compu whose name is a flower?it's-------.A.Mary's B.Jenny's C.Helen's D.Rose's It is( Helen's computer game ) 对括号里的提问 is helen's coat brown?可以回答no,it isn't吗? 问题: 1.It's time to have lunch ( ) 2.Helen is ill.问题:1.It's time to have lunch ( )2.Helen is ill.She has got a headache ( )3.Helen can go to school.( )4.Miss Li is Helen is teacher.( )5.Helen is at home with her father.请回答 It's (Helen's)dress.(对括号部分提问)________ _____ is it? Today is Helen's t____ birthday Is Helen Emma's mother是什么意思 英语翻译回答是:It is Helen's.And the green pen is her,too.两句是连着的,都翻译, Maybe he is Helen's best friend改同意句He()()Helen's best friend. Mike is (Helen's)brotuer.划线部分提问划的是Helen's 英语填空题(初一)Helen:Hi,David.I'm calling ____Sydney.David:Sydney?What ____ is it there?Helen:It's 10:10 pm.David:It's 4_____ in the morning in Los Angeles.Helen:Oh,I forgot it.So you're in ______.Right?David:Yes.WHAT is the ______there?H